Sunday, October 10, 2010

Burning ambition

We had a talk on pyrography at our Woodworkers Club meeting last week, and I had a try at decorating this little trug using my pyrography kit. The man of the house delights in calling it my 'pyromania'. The trug is only about 30cms (12 inches) long and is actually one of the little kits that we cut out for children to make up (with our help) but it's very useful for holding knitting or crochet paraphanalia so I made one for myself. I copied the floral spray from a book that I have on folk art and it came out surprisingly well. I'm committed now so I'll have to finish it off. I might put a little colour on the design, I haven't decided yet. Imagine - this sort of art used to be accomplished using a poker held in hot coals. It must have been extremely difficult to do. I doubt that I'd have had the patience. It's a good way to decorate a bit of plain wood when you can draw or even if you can't; there's always good old carbon tracing paper which makes an artist out of anyone. You can get some simple designs from all sorts of places: gift wrapping paper, birthday cards, children's colouring books. You can let your imagination run riot because there doesn't seem to be an 'overdone' switch.
Gotta go now, it's newsletter time again. Bye for now until next time.


  1. What good ideas you have for creative sources! And what patience to burn them all into wood!

  2. It's really only a little slower than using a pen and not as difficult (for me) as using a paint brush. :)

  3. Thank you Clare, and thanks for stopping by. It's nice to meet you.