Monday, December 27, 2010

The man of the house at last believes that he has sufficient evidence to enable him to have me certified and sent along to a home for confused gentlefolk. Personally I fail to see what I've done that is so weird. You see one of the woodworkers confided in me that he needed a draught excluder for his garage as he didn't like the wind blowing leaves in under the door and making a mess. Now it happened that I had, in the bottomless pit that is my sewing cupboard, a bundle of curtain sample pieces that I thought might one day become useful. As well as that there was a bag full of clean discarded items, now only suitable for donating to the the op-shop for their rag bag. It seemed logical to me that I could marry this hoard together and produce the necessary draught excluder. Whoopee! A chance to get rid of some clutter. How big did it need to be? Answer - 17ft. - the width of a double garage door. So - much sewing and lots of stuffing later, this is what I produced.
Result: My friend is delighted, my husband thinks I'm nuts and you can't even see a gap where all that hoarded stuff was.
The finished work had to be rolled into this snail shape so that I could photograph it. The man of the house added the banana so that you can get an idea of it's size.
I hope your Christmas was a happy one. Bye for now until next time.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha, that story was so funny lol. I think its a great idea, the banana makes the photo. What a great idea, you just wait, he will ask you to make him one next for your shed he he.3 problems solved in one, clever woman, not an insane one at all lol, just logic.I think they get jealous over our bright ideas sometimes , not that I have many, as my man is the brain and inventor of nearly everything.he he

  2. I'm glad that tickled your funny bone Donz. Don't sell yourself short; I'm sure there's your own brand of genious tucked away in your head. :)