Monday, December 13, 2010

A lacey change.

I love the challenge of a lacy pattern and now and again take a break from the garter stitch that I use for blankets. Really, after the first couple of pattern repeats it becomes no longer a challenge as my memory takes over. Still the pleasure remains. Dodging my pet hate - sewing up, I knit to the armhole shaping then put all the pieces on a circular needle. No seams - luvly. I think it's more comfortable for the little one who will wear it too.
This time, following an enquiry with the welfare group that I'm knitting for, I'm using acrylic as very often mums in difficult circumstances don't have the washing facilities that enable wool to be washed carefully. If a garment can't go into a washing machine it can be more a nuisance than a benefit. I like to use a wool blend if I can as that washes well, but it can be difficult to find at this time of year.
I joined Ravelry this week. Goodness knows why as I have no idea what to do with it.
Dropped my camera this afternoon - disaster!! All my pics disappeared. I had saved all but the last half dozen or so on a message stick but I really wanted that last half dozen. So I went haring up to see the nice man in the camera shop near home who put my chip into his computer and rescued them, putting them on a disc. If I'd had my wits about me I could probably have done that myself and saved $10. Never mind, as I said, he's a nice man and the experience has taught me a lesson, actually two. 1. Don't be such a clumsy clogs and 2. Back up immediately.
The man of the house made chicken & dumplings for dinner and rescued the fruit cake that I forgot I'd put in the oven. He really is a gem, bless him.
Gotta go now, my turn to wash the dishes.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. So clever with the stitching! Once you have some time to have a good look at Ravelry, you'll love it and come out all inspired.

  2. Love the lace - so pretty. What is your Ravelry name?

  3. Thanks for dropping in ladies.

    Maria, my Ravelry name is Knittalot. Imaginative huh?

    Nessa, I'm looking forward to a chance to explore Ravelry.

  4. The jacket is so pretty in pink..
    Sorry about the camera, I find I am taking mine everywhere now, and would be lost without it.
    I am pleased I stopped by and read your blog, "The man of the house reminded me I had a Zuccini slice in the oven.. Whewwwww :))

  5. I'm pleased to see you Pat and the man of the house will be pleased too as he hates to see a good cake burned. The camera is still working fortunately.

  6. thanks for stopping by :)) The Orchid is one I crocheted a few months ago, made about 6 in different colours..
    The slice we had for dinner tonight, (savoury) so tastey :))First Zuccini of the season from our vegie patch :))

  7. I love Ravelry! One of the things I like best is to look at other Raveler's projects for a pattern I'm considering knitting. It gives me a good idea about what colours, what yarns and what modifications may work!

  8. Pat. My mistake re the Zuccini slice. I have a recipe for a sweet variety.

    Minding My Own: I think the reason I joined was so that I could do that, though when I know more about it I hope to be able to contribute.

  9. Your life will never be the same now that you've joined Ravelry. ;-) I mean that in a GOOD way!

  10. Laurie I'm looking forward to discovering that.