Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Baby

The baby magpie has come to visit at last. All round and fluffy and gripping the branch in a very wobbly fashion. He doesn't know I won't hurt him so without a better camera I can't get any closer than this. That's him - that little blob of grey and white up there among the leaves. There will be another along soon as I can still hear squeaking from the nest and they usually produce more than one baby per season. Without interference he/she can be expected to live for about 20 years.
All the crocheting that is happening at present has got me inspired. Ferreting about in my old books today I have found a pattern from the seventies for a granny square hat. (I love my mess) I think I'll try it out. Watch this space.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. Oh how cute, ur muma magie is back with little bubs, they become part of your family dont they? We stopped feeding ours as have a cat and we still see them around our court. For some reason the cat is leaving them alone, I would be devestated if our cat hunted them as I have lived with them around me for years, aaawwww how cute

  2. I think they're cute. I know they can be dangerous but I still enjoy them. Elsie