Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One good turn.

Wouldn't you know I'd get it wrong. Yesterday's blog was supposed to start with the waving hand at the top but I forgot that you have to load the pictures backwards. Note to self: write things down so you don't forget them and keep trying.
Anyway, I'm spinning today - not the kind that makes you giddy but the spinning wheel kind. I promised my sister that I'd spin the combings from her little pomeranian dog's coat into knitting yarn. Now before you start advising the man of the house that he should book a nice padded cell for me I must warn you that I've done it before - spinning dog hair that is. Some dogs, (the spitz variety) have a double coat that consists of long outer hair and a softer fuzz close to the skin that keeps them warm in Winter and sheds in the Summer. The fuzz is good to spin and makes a lovely soft, washable yarn. Once its washed there is no doggy smell and its incredibly warm. Our daughter's beautiful Samoyed, unimaginatively named Sam, comes under the spitz heading and sheds great bags full of fuzz everytime he is brushed. Here's one of the scarves that I have make from the yarn that his fur makes. If you can stand mohair and angora you could tolerate doggy yarn as it has pretty much the same sneeze value. Bye for now until next time.


  1. after a few days of sewing like a crazy woman and neglecting the vacuuming I reckon there is enough dog hair to knit a rug. They sleep in the laundry yet the hair finds its way all the way down to my room.

  2. I know that feeling. Do you find it in your porridge too? But aren't they worth every little bit?

  3. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment !
    I had a pomeranian when I was growing up and I remember thinking wouldn't it be great to make something with all that combed out fur !
    WOW..and you have done it !
    x PJ x
    PS..when you put your photos on while writing your post..click on the photo once it loaded onto the post and you can cut and paste the photo to wherever you want it to be ...just put the cursor to where you want to insert the photo !
    ( hope that makes sense)

  4. Yes Mrs. Unpicking, it does make sense and thank you. You've solved a puzzle for me. I'll look in again. I think I'm going to enjoy your blog.