Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Special Anniversary

We've just arrived back from East Gippsland where we were visiting old friends. Lovely to see the area looking so green and lots of dams full, water laying in lots of hollows in the paddocks. Not a very special look for our more Northerly Aussies as they have had flooding earlier in the year but for we parched Victorians every little drop of rain is precious.
The special Anniversary? The man of the house has been in Australia for 50 years yesterday it slipped by without us even noticing. The anniversary of the most important day of my life.
Bye for now until next time


  1. In response to the question you posed on my blog - A pencil case as per here - , and cushions of some description! As you are a no-reply blogger I had to answer your question here!

  2. well we hope u had an enjoyable time and congratulations to the man of ur home as his 50th anniversary in OZ. UH just read on other blog it was his birthday, so happy birthday for the other day, woops am in trouble their? Happy birthday to u, happy birthday to u, happy birthday happy birthday, happy birthday to u, mr man of the house xx

  3. Man of the house says thanks you. Elsie

  4. It probably slipped by because you were too busy enjoying each other's company!