Friday, October 2, 2009

The man of the house has been working at his wood-lathe and here is the result. At first he said it was a cake stand for someone who is on a diet but then he decided to make this teensy bird for it, so now it is a bird bath for very tiny birds. It was made from a couple of nice little pieces of wood that he didn't want to throw away. Woodworkers can be quite miserly with their bits of wood; every little scrap must be looked at twice before it goes into the fire to keep us warm. It can be quite embarrassing to go walking with them as you never know what they will pick up and bring home with them - old, discarded fence posts, builders offcuts - its all fair game.
It's not raining at present so I'm off to the garden to pull some knee high weeds. Bye for now, until next time.


  1. Hi Elsie, popped over from Bimbimbie to test your 'comment' box, she's having trouble loading it.

  2. Hello Baino. Lovely to hear from you. I wish I could fix it but I don't know how. Any suggestions. I'd like a comments box like Bimbimbie's

  3. Maybe you could whip me up a cake stand a quarter of that size so I can present it to my daughter? I wish she had one that size before my she made all of those birthday cakes that I inhaled. She has taken after her american step father and has to have everything traditionally massive as is their culture. The little teency bird is so very cute. I wonder, is there like a time limit that we should hoard all of this wood we woodies collect? I have wood that resembles firewood that I have had for years but the grain is too beautiful for me to part with it. Anyhow, I am off to sleep. I have been making bags for the market this saturday and I am exhausted and happy with how hard I have been working. Early start tomorrow. Getting a bit nervous.
    Have a great day tomorrow.

  4. hi elsie, i'm here from dear bimbimbie's too. this miniature birdbath is precious. your man of the house is very talented.


  5. Hello Melanie, Beware magpie-itis, closely related to squirrel-itis its what you get when you collect stuff and its contageous. I can't bear to burn pretty bits of wood either.

    kj. so pleased you dropped in. I think he's clever too. I've tried the turning thing and its not all that easy.

  6. Your man is very talented, and so are u. My man checks out every piece of wood, and I have to convince him to burn some as we are running out of room and Im such a cold frog. Its amazing what all u wood workers can do with such a tiny speciem congratulations

  7. I'd say you have a problem pupurs and I can offer no solution. He can't use every little piece, can he? Never mind, Summer's coming. Elsie