Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beaut new book.

I couldn't resist this lovely book. I found it in one of those catalogs that come in the mail and sent away for it. 99 Granny squares. How could I resist? Being mathmetically challenged I haven't even tried to calculate how long I'll have to live in order to make a rug from each pattern but just looking at the pictures is a treat. Of course I needed another craft book like needed an extra head but next to being a compulsive yarn buyer I'm a compulsive book buyer - totally addicted. I've tried aversion therapy - you know that's where you swamp yourself with your addiction until you can't bear the sight of them and I've got to tell you it doesn't work. So now I'm off to swim in them, wade through them, roll in them, breathe them in. And when I'm totally intoxicated I'll pick up a crochet hook and try out some of those pretty granny squares. Bye for now until next time.


  1. Oh yes, you are a sick sick woman. Just like the rest of us!!! Those books look good and I dont blame you.

  2. Hello Melanie. - Funny, I don't feel at all ill. Definately in denial. lol. Elsie