Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Buried Treasure.

Look what I found under all that grime. This is the part I love about restoring a too-well-loved doll. (my hobby). Some scrub up even better than I hoped. I used her old body as a pattern to cut the new one. I washed and dried her old stuffing and added some new as well. Her skin came clean with a cloth wrung out in soap suds though, for those paint spots, I had to use one of those magic sponge things that are sold in hardware shops and are designed for taking nasty marks off appliances that you don't want to damage. I never use solvents of any kind or anything greasy on a vinyl doll.
Her hair needed only a good shampoo and a tiny spot of conditioner. Then it had to be untangled very carefully before brushing as brushing before sorting out the tangles can turn the hair into a frizz something like wire wool.
I will dress her in blue to match her eyes. I think my friend will be pleased with her.
I'm working on the little fellow beside her too but as I plan to knit for him he won't put in an appearance for some time.
Hope your day was as much fun as mine. Bye for now until next time.


  1. I must say that I wasnt all that hopeful when I saw the first picture of the doll but now I am amazed at how you have made her look new again. Amazing what a bit of TLC can do. I cant wait to see her outfit.

  2. Amazing isn't it. I should take more before and after photos as I am always surprised by what I find. Elsie