Friday, September 18, 2009

Holding Breath & Gasping.

I know you can't hold your breath and gasp at the same time but I'm trying not to smell the air in our living room. Some poor creature has died somewhere in either wall, ceiling or under floor and the smell is awful. Last time this happened - just last year, the smell hung about for about two weeks. I'm really hoping it doesn't last that long again. The problem is that ours is a 90 year old farmhouse and those spots are pretty well inaccessible. So we can't get at it to remove the poor thing and just have to wait it out. Darn! We wanted to invite a neighbour along our road to dinner as his wife is visiting family in the U.S. and he is batching.
I have spent the morning, well just an hour or so really but it feels like more, painting flowers on one of the little prams that the woodworkers make for our favourite charities. Not the miniature size but a proper doll's pram. This one is a special 'one off' for Breast Cancer Research to use as a fund raiser. I wanted to do my best and, of course, that's when you make all the mistakes possible. Anyway, done now and I can relax and get on with making the bedding for it. Gotta go now, the sewing machine awaits. Bye for now until next time.

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