Friday, September 4, 2009

Fine Saturday.

Here is some accommodation for the wee folk in my garden. No I haven't met any but who knows? The sun is shining today - a chance to pull some weeds. I might make their acquaintance.
Only two magpies came this morning to enjoy the tit-bits that I put out for them. Just a snack, not a meal - a little chopped lean meat. (too much fat's bad for them too). It's nesting time again and they're very protective of their offspring so invaders of any kind are treated with considerable hostility. They have very sharp beaks. The snacks that I offer are my passport to my garden as they seem to recognise me as benign and leave me alone. I make no attempt to tame them as I don't believe they should trust humans. Last year's baby has finally got the message and flown off to other pastures. It was a big temptation to make him/her a pet when the parents were giving him/her such a rough time but that would have served no good purpose. So now I am looking forward to the new babies. Clowns of the bird world, baby magpies, tumbling about like bear cubs and curious about everything. Watching them learn is very entertaining.
Off to the garden now. Weeds and wee folk await. Bye for now.


  1. I am so excited to be the first to ever comment on your brand new blog. I cannot wait to see it evolve and already you are looking like a pro.

  2. I'm excited to receive a comment. Thanks for looking in, Melanie.