Monday, September 21, 2009

Storm disaster

This is all that is left of our lovely wattle tree, cut down in all its golden glory one night by the wind storms that we had here a couple of weeks ago. Only the day before, I had been admiring it. Wattle always me feel good. Can you believe that I walked across our front yard next morning, head down against the wind, right past the fallen tree and didn't see it until I opened the gate and turned to walk back to the car. The tree completely blocked out driveway and half of it lay across our neighbour's hayshed.
Our neighbour, the farmer that owns the hayshed, trotted out one of his big machines and lifted the whole mess back into our yard, clearing the way for us to drive out. The man of the house has been busy with the chain saw, reducing the poor tree to a tidy pile of logs, and stuffing the council green-waste bin with the fine branches. Of course we will plant another. Our garden will be pretty gloomy at the end of winter without that lovely sunny tree.
Bye for now, until next time.


  1. It certainly has been the year for falling down trees. I see them all along our bike track and in my very own back yard too. Its funny because I have done the same thing, walk past fallen trees in my driveway (well it was a massive bushy arch with a creeper)and then wonder how on earth I didn't notice that.

  2. Hello Melanie - Isn't it just as well we don't need to survive by our powers of observation. I'd be in big trouble. My second grade teacher labeled me Dreamy Daniel and I'm afraid nothing's changed. Elsie