Sunday, September 6, 2009

Visiting Cranbourne Botanic Gardens

There's a gardening expert down here at Cranbourne's Australian Native Botanic Gardens who tells me that if we plant the native plants that are indigenous to our area we never need to water them (once they're established). I like that idea as in this parched corner of the driest continent on earth, we must ration our water carefully, most of us using only harvested rainwater or household grey water to keep our gardens healthy. I could concentrate on watering only my specimen pots of exotic plants that need a little more pampering.
The local woodworking club, to which the man of the house and I belong, was invited down here today to demonstrate our club's activities. Folk are always interested and we meet some lovely people. Often gain a new member or two as well.
Pictured is some of the work we do at the club. Bob, one of our members made the little apple cart, Alan, the lacey clock, and Rick, the little, turned bowls with lids. Sorry I haven't learned to move pictures about. That'll come next, I hope.
Hope your day was as nice as mine. Bye now until next time.

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