Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dog Training

This is Pepper who is always on the wrong side of a door. Either outside wanting in or inside wanting out. Pepper is the beloved pet of my grandson and is reputed to be a small poodle but we suspect that his mother may have had a clandestine relationship with a Bedlington terrier. He is a dear little fellow, affectionate, sweet natured and the light of my grandson's life. We are taking care of Pepper for a day or two and he sees to it that we keep up our ball-throwing practice though he hasn't quite mastered the bringing it back thing yet. Pepper also ensures that we get our daily walk which we all enjoy though I must say I can't work up the same interest in the things he likes to investigate. After all, when you've seen one lamp post, you've seen them all - haven't you?
The real estate in our garden seems to be undergoing a change, with the magpies moving house. They usually come back to the same nest each year but this year they appear to have taken a fancy to a des. res. in another paddock. I do hope they will bring their babies to visit.
Must go now as it's time for that walk. Hope your day is turning out well. Bye for now until next time.
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  1. Hi Elsie, lovely to see you've started blogging*!*

    I'm sure Pepper will tell you it's not just another lamp post - it's the things we humans can't see, like who last visited and cocked their leg. Canine social network ;)

    Your Maggies will be back with their chicks in tow I'm sure*!*

  2. Thanks for stopping by Bimbimbie. Getting the hang of blogging but still making mistakes. Pepper is going home today. I'll miss him :-(