Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Housework is for the birds

I doubt that I'd get many arguments on that statement but in this case the housework really is for the birds. One of my greatest delights is the birdbath outside our kitchen window where I love to watch the birds at their daily ablutions. I've discovered that they're fussy little characters and really dislike dirty bathwater so I need to remember to scrub their bath every day or so or they simply won't come to visit. The picture here shows the bathwater that got the thumbs down from the local bird population and I can't say I blame them as they also drink it. So after a couple of minutes with the brush that I keep for the purpose, and a refill from our rainwater tank, I was rewarded with a visit by this little bloke. I can always tell when one of the magpies has had his bath as their water displacement rivals that of an ocean liner and when they have finished their blissful wallow in the lovely clean water I always have to go out and refill the bath. 5 star service at this establishment.
The man of the house and I took a lovely long walk this morning. Ooh I do like this marvellous Autumn weather.
Hope you're having a lovely day too. Bye for now until next time


  1. Love the wild life, we usually have a lot of birds in our garden, but since the trees in the neighborhood have been cut down , there are fewer feathered friends..
    Thanks for sharing yours :))and have a great week :))

  2. Oh yes, bird baths are fun. We get little wrens, a dozen at a time in there. "Party in the bird bath" Gavin calls out!

  3. Our neighbors have a birdbath, so we get to enjoy the view of theirs - it's in their side yard, so much easier to see than one in our back yard would be. Like Pattas, we've lost several trees over the years, so our bird population isn't as abundant as it once was.

  4. So sad, Pat, to lose both the trees and the birds. I hope there have been more trees planted.

    Minding My Own we used to get little wrens but they are moving out as the suburbs move closer. Our garden is still pretty busy I'm pleased to say.

    Laurie It's just as nice to be able to share your neighbour's visitors. Fortunately the birds don't see a boundary.