Saturday, April 16, 2011


With confidence I took up hook and wool to work the rose centred square in my last post. All went sailing along pretty well too. I managed the centre flower without a problem but came to a screeching halt at round 4. Try as I might I can't understand the instructions in this round and can't get past the group of loops on the hook in the photo. I can make it look right if I work clusters of treble (American double crochet) but it's not what the instructions say and I really wanted to work it as it is in the book.
My expertise with crochet is about middle of the road but I usually manage to decipher written patterns and have made doileys, baby clothes and lace edgings in the past, but this one has me completely flumoxed. So, dear reader, I'm throwing it open to you. If I type out the directions as written in the book, I wonder if somebody out there in blogland will have a bash at it, then show me a picture of your success. I would be pleased to see how it looks when it's done properly. Here goes:
MATERIALS 4-ply wool. No. 12 crochet hook. Sorry, these are English instructions. I don't know the American equivalent of these items. I don't know what star-stitch is either.
The rose centre is worked in pale pink, the star-stitch in deeper pink, and chain and treble row in black. (I've used green)
Using pale pink, commence with 5 chain; join in a ring.
1st Round - * 9 ch., 1 d.c. into ring, working under the chain. Repeat from * 7 times more, thus forming foundation for 8 petals.
2nd Round - * 1 d.c. into each of the first 3 ch., 2 tr. into 4th ch., 3 tr. into 5th ch., 2 tr. into 6th ch., 1 d.c. into last 3 ch. Repeat from * all round.
Break off pale pink; join in black at centre of petal.
3rd Round - * 6 ch., 1 d.c., into centre of next petal. Repeat from * all round.
Break off black; join in deeper pink.
4th Round - 2 ch., working loops loosely, draw a loop through each of the first 2 ch., and one through each of the next 3 ch. along the circle (taking up the back thread only throughout). draw a loop through all the 6 loops on the hook, 1 ch., *draw a loop through the eye just made by the 1 ch., another through the back of the last loop of the preceding star, draw a loop through each of the next 3 ch. along the circle, and one through all the 6 loops on the hook, 1 ch., repeat from * 3 times more, 6 ch. to form corner. * repeat 3 times.
5th Round - * 3 tr. in the eye of each star of preceding row, 3 tr. into 3rd and 4th ch. of corner. Repeat from * 3 times.
Break off pink; join in black.
6th Round - Work tr. all round, working right through top of stitch and working 3 tr. into each of the two corner stitches.

That's it. I've checked my typing and it is correct. Looking at it again (for the umpteenth time) I'm wondering if the pattern was incorrectly printed in the first place. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. After reading the instructions I was completely mystified as well, but when I googled "Crochet Star Stitch" and watched this YouTube tutorial it made more sense...

    Very pretty btw!

  2. confusing..but I will try to work it up and see what I get..

  3. To me it is a cluster with a chain inbetween and the corners.. will check out utube also..
    hope you are having a peaceful weekend :))

  4. Aren't bloggers lovely people?

    Minding my own: Thank you so much. I laughed when I saw the video. The solution is so simple when it is explained in this way.

    Thanks Vikki If you're conversent with star-stitch I'm sure you will work it out. It was this term that tripped me up.

    Pat the video is very clear. Why didn't I think of asking google? Lol.

  5. This pattern is beautiful! I came over to visit from Pattas and so glad I did. I, too, love the old vintage pattern books! I wish I could find more. I only have a couple of them from my Mom and hubby's Mom. Have a most wonderful day! K

  6. Sounds like you've got it sorted out then. I'm glad; it's so pretty and I'm looking forward to seeing a finished square.

    I'm also considering crocheting a blanket with this pattern myself, along with a friend who also crochets. We like to combine on interesting little patterns!

  7. It's lovely to meet you Kerrie. I have a few more books that I think you would like to see. I'll put them in a post soon.

    Minding my own. I think the instructions were written for someone a little more savvy than I am. I'm sure my Mum would have had no trouble with them. I think I will try a blanket using different coloured roses for each square.

  8. Ooh...totally over my head...haven't crocheted in years and years...