Monday, April 11, 2011

Just being there.

Our son and his partner live in the town of Bright in the Victorian Alpine region and this weekend we drove up to visit them. For us it was a four hour drive, not my favourite thing to do as I really don't like driving long distances, but small price to pay for the reward at the end of the journey.
If you're good at managing a sore bottom, stiff knees, stiff neck and aching shoulders (strikeout whichever doesn't apply) then you won't mind the long drive and there's certainly plenty to see along the way. What a joy it was to see the countryside looking so healthy with all the waterways full to the brim as we haven't seen them for many years.
And, of course, there was the knitting that I was able to do when it wasn't my turn to drive.
This time I did remember to use my camera - well how could I not - the view outside our door in the morning was too good to leave behind. That's the man of the house and I reflected in the water of Morses Creek that runs through the town, and there he is inspecting the Ovens River from a swing bridge that is guaranteed to make you feel as though you've been at the cooking sherry when you walk across it.
It's wonderful to see our son so happy with the woman that we look on as another daughter. In the end, for me, that's all that counts. We never stop being parents do we?
Bye for now until next time.


  1. You are right there :)) where would we be with out our children, no matter what age :))
    The scenery is beautiful, lucky the rain stayed away too.

    Hope you are not to wet where you are :)) thanks for the lovely story and the pics :))

  2. Hello Pat. We came home to find half of an enourmous golden cypress tree had fallen victim of strong winds while we were away and has a great branch blocking a gateway. Fortunately we have another gate.

  3. We'll have to do a trip to Bright one of these days, although I might wait until spring now. We were kinda half there on Saturday as we had a market in Myrtleford.

  4. What a lovely place! So glad you had a nice visit, even if it was a long drive.

  5. Richard you were almost there. The whole Ovens Valley is beautiful, especially at this time of year with the Autumn colours in the trees.

    Minding my own it was lovely - we really didn't want to come back home.

    Laurie it's strange but the trip back didn't seem nearly as long.

  6. Sorry I can't e-mail you priveately , The weather in Tas has been really wet.. The East coast copped it yet again with the floods and more cleaning up ..
    But... We are fine here in the North where we are..
    Thanking you for thinking of us :))