Monday, April 18, 2011

Success at last.

I was all set to wave the white flag on this one. I've lost count of how many times I've pulled it out, chucked it aside and decided to move on. But it lay there taunting me and I had to come back for another try. Last night I worked the final stitch, and the man of the house said, "Thank goodness. I thought that one was going to haunt us forever."
I could have used instructions that included little things like 'miss the d.c at the top of each petal when working the star round' because I kept ending with the required number of stars and about seven chain still to be filled. I grabbed a pencil and paper and did my sums to work out what I was doing wrong and decided to have another try. I think you may have guessed that crochet is not my forte but I do enjoy doing it.
Now that all the trauma is over I am really pleased because I have learned a new stitch - star stitch. And wouldn't you know it? I'm not sure that I'd like a whole rug as I find the green a bit powerful and maybe black would be moreso. I'll go for a cushion cover first and see what I think.
Anyway, thanks for your help and encouragement and for putting up with my moaning.
I hope your day is being kind to you. Bye for now until next time.


  1. It is so pretty, aren't you glad you continued?? Can we see a blanket from this pattern is the near future LOL :))
    I am like you, I have to find out how "to do".. Can't let it beat me :))
    thanks for letting us know how the pattern worked :))

  2. I love the TAH DAH!! moments

  3. It's pretty, but it doesn't look all that practical for a rug. Give yourself a pat on the back for sticking with it!

  4. Hello Pat. I like the idea of the rose centre but I think I'll modify it and try again with a slightly different one. I'm all spurred for more crochet now.

    Vikki I think that lovely feeling of beating the problem should be bottled and sold as a tonic.

    Minding my own, I must say I'm feeling pretty chuffed.

  5. Well done - you beat it :-)))))

  6. It's really pretty. Pink and green are two of my favorites. Congrats on "winning"! I can knit a picot edge on my knitting, but that's about all. Learning to crochet is on my list, but my list is pretty long.

  7. Oh good! You got it worked out, and it looks great! I'm glad it won't be haunting you. ;-)

  8. Hello Maria, And I thought it would be easy. Hah!

    Caroline, I have one of those lists too.

    Laurie. It has certainly given me an appetite for a rug (which will probably become another UFO) How are the hands coming on? I hope the rest has been beneficial.